Lots of things going on!

Getting more and more busy with new projects while still maintaining old ones.


Deep in the process of recording and writing for the next full lenght album which should be finished around summer 2013. Lets see where it will be released?!?


Conected online with a musician in Barcelona working under the moniker "Sustainer" who also has a deep love of pedals and minimal ambient electronica. We meet up every other friday and perform live sessions in his studio in Barcelona. Every session is recorded so something should surface for your listening pleasures!


Also connected with a local musician in Santiago who can best be described as a multi musician! He programs his own software in PD and besides playing the piano, is an excellent cello player as well. We've been doing live sessions with him on cello connected to the laptop running PD effects and me with my guitar and pedal army. We're performing some live shows in Santiago at the end of summer.


A while ago I posted a song on Soundcloud I titled "Evinya". The piece got a massive response from the community so I decided to put it out there for a remix challenge. A bunch of people joined in and we're now waiting on the remixes to return.


Other things are in the process of becoming real but more on that later...


Enjoi the sounds, share and be safe!