Spring 2013

Futuresequence released yet another stunning compilation titled Sequence6 and I was so fortunate to have my submitted track, "Bico" accpted in the amazing line-up, which inlcudes the likes of Simon Scott, Maps and Diagram, Ed Hamilton and Radere to name a few.


You can listen to and download the compilation for free here.


Currently taking a small vacation from recording the third Ghost and Tape full length and using the time to work on some collaborations I'm involved in.


Hior Chronik has asked me to contribute to a beautiful piano piece he's working on. We're also talking about meeting up in Berlin this Summer for some recordings and possibly live performance.


Working on several tracks together with the wonderful Dom' Mino, Italian musician based in London. His sophomore album is one of my all time classics. Check it out here.

He's been diving deep into the secrets of Ableton Live and some amazing sounds have come out of it, that I'm so lucky to work with.


Lanei is a side project I'm involved in with a Barcelona based musician working under the moniker Sustainer. Lanei is based around a series of live performances where Alex and I get together with a selection of effect pedal chains and improvise lenghty sound pieces. The sessions are recorded and we're slowly beginning to release some pieces on SouncCloud.


On june 21st I'll be performing live with Ulobit, an experimental sound-installation outfit based in Santiago, Galicia. The performance will be a part of the closing ceromony for FAC Peregrina, and autonomous cultural center in Santiago.