Ghost and Tape included on the excellent Elements series out on Home Normal.

I've been so fortunate to have a song included on the excellent compilation series Elements I-V released on Home Normal. The collection of artists on this release is simply stunning. When I recieved the package I was blown away by the amazing contents put together by the always amazing human Ian Hawgood so I had to photograph the moment.

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Excellent review of "Home" on

"Life is to travel and traveling is living", Heine Christensen postulates in the short introduction to this, his second album. The absoluteness of the statement is the result of spending years in between, the reflective tone of the work the outcome of shuttling between Copenhagen and Barcelona, a lifetime of soul-searching compressed into sixty-two minutes of music. Although Home deals with life on the road and its titles openly refer to specific places in Denmark and Spain, it is neither an acoustic diary, nor a trophy hunt for sonic memorabilia. In stark contrast with the typical 'world music explorer', Christensen isn't looking for the otherness of foreign places, for 'exotic' sounds or emblematic field recordings – he is looking for himself. Accordingly, the album is all about tiny details and subtle gestures, comprising of coded messages which can only be decrypted by the initiated or empathetic. It also explains why the reticent, almost weightless beats underlying these delicate, guitar-driven electronica compositions sound as though they'd been carved straight into the texture of the tracks: Clearly to someone who's spent a long time without a fixed center, the intricate connections between seemingly unrelated things are becoming clearly apparent. Minute attention is awarded to frequencies and sound sculpting and listening to the music as a low-resolution MP3 would feel like an act of mutilation here. And yet, underneath these tactile operations, there's always an intuitively crafted song. Home is not a place, it is a feeling, it is about loving the everyday, about cherishing the little ups and down. If you think a road album ought to be more spectacular, extravagant or cinematic, perhaps you should close your web browser and leave the house for a change.

By Tobias Fischer


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"Bico" gets reviewed by

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Spring 2013

Futuresequence released yet another stunning compilation titled Sequence6 and I was so fortunate to have my submitted track, "Bico" accpted in the amazing line-up, which inlcudes the likes of Simon Scott, Maps and Diagram, Ed Hamilton and Radere to name a few.


You can listen to and download the compilation for free here.


Currently taking a small vacation from recording the third Ghost and Tape full length and using the time to work on some collaborations I'm involved in.


Hior Chronik has asked me to contribute to a beautiful piano piece he's working on. We're also talking about meeting up in Berlin this Summer for some recordings and possibly live performance.


Working on several tracks together with the wonderful Dom' Mino, Italian musician based in London. His sophomore album is one of my all time classics. Check it out here.

He's been diving deep into the secrets of Ableton Live and some amazing sounds have come out of it, that I'm so lucky to work with.


Lanei is a side project I'm involved in with a Barcelona based musician working under the moniker Sustainer. Lanei is based around a series of live performances where Alex and I get together with a selection of effect pedal chains and improvise lenghty sound pieces. The sessions are recorded and we're slowly beginning to release some pieces on SouncCloud.


On june 21st I'll be performing live with Ulobit, an experimental sound-installation outfit based in Santiago, Galicia. The performance will be a part of the closing ceromony for FAC Peregrina, and autonomous cultural center in Santiago.

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Lots of things going on!

Getting more and more busy with new projects while still maintaining old ones.


Deep in the process of recording and writing for the next full lenght album which should be finished around summer 2013. Lets see where it will be released?!?


Conected online with a musician in Barcelona working under the moniker "Sustainer" who also has a deep love of pedals and minimal ambient electronica. We meet up every other friday and perform live sessions in his studio in Barcelona. Every session is recorded so something should surface for your listening pleasures!


Also connected with a local musician in Santiago who can best be described as a multi musician! He programs his own software in PD and besides playing the piano, is an excellent cello player as well. We've been doing live sessions with him on cello connected to the laptop running PD effects and me with my guitar and pedal army. We're performing some live shows in Santiago at the end of summer.


A while ago I posted a song on Soundcloud I titled "Evinya". The piece got a massive response from the community so I decided to put it out there for a remix challenge. A bunch of people joined in and we're now waiting on the remixes to return.


Other things are in the process of becoming real but more on that later...


Enjoi the sounds, share and be safe!

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Getting the live setup ready

Working hard every day to become more familiar with all this new gear Ive been getting lately. Really hyped to get out there and do some live shows. If you or anyone you know might be interested in a totally revamped ghost live performance, let me know please?

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Live sessions

Heading into new territory, exploring and improvising with new possibilties, I'll be posting recordings here regularly of live sessions.


As a document of my trajectory into the realm of where my 3rd album will appear.


No use of sequencing, only slight processing, the sounds will truely resemble the period of time that the recording took place. 


Please share, feel free to download and enjoy!

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"Home" new album out September 15th

The second album by ghost and tape titled "Home" will be released September 15th on Schole Records (JP). Preorders are available now from japan Schole Records, but if you're not japanese its probably easier to wait for the album to reach european distributors : )

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Second album "Home" getting closer..

"Home" is the second album from ghost and tape. Written and recorded in Barcelona during 2011 and 2012 the album evolves around the theme of having two homes, Barcelona and Copenhagen, and accepting this duality with all its ups and downs. With a few exceptions, the songs are dedicated to and named after specific places in these two beautiful cities. The sound of ghost and tape has become more open, more ambient with more complexity and more colors. As a natural consequence of the constant explorations into sound, ghost and tape has created an album that reveals itself slowly with subtle textures and harmonic layers.


The album should be available somtime in the autumn of 2012 on Schole Records.

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